115 Apple Apps You Never Knew Existed

115 Apple Apps You Never Knew Existed

Here’s the list of 115 unexpected things that you can do with your iPhone, iPad and iPod.
(Click the links to download Apple App or just try searching keywords on App Store)

1. Scanner
It can scan document and convert the picture in PDF Format
Genius Scanner

2. Spreadsheet
MS Excel

3. Word documents
MS Word

4. Voice to text
let your device type what you say
Dragon Dictation

5. Translator
Can translate any language you type
Google Translate

6. Scan picture to text
Extract text from picture

7. Scan then Translate
Scan picture with text and translate to different language
Scan & Translate

8. Text to speech
Let the app read what you typed
Voice Paper

9. Receipt tracker / Catcher
Manage expenses and receipt fast
Receipt catcher

10. Build Resume/ Curriculum Vitae
Create Resume with PDF Format
Resume Star

11. Sound effects
Play different sound
Super Sound Box

12. Sound recording with layers
Will let you edit volume and repeat or cut sounds
Over Dub

13. Beat box
Beat box looper

14. Synthesizers
Real-time and great quality
Caustic 3

15. DJ disc scratching
Scratch your music like a real DJ
Tap DJ

16. Voice timer countdown
Select from different voice
Clear Timer

17. Walkie talkie
Voxer Walkie Talkie

18. Voice changer
Record and change your voice
Voice Changer Plus

19. Musical Instrument tuner
Best Guitar tuner

20. Play instruments



21. Light meter
Measure light (lux)
Light Meter Lux

22. Scientific calculator
Enough functions with graphs

23. Formulas guide and computation

24. Solve math Problems by taking picture
The app recognizes the number and analyze the equation

25. Spirit level
Can be used to level anything
Spirit Level

26. Measure length by Camera
In feet and meters
Easy Measure

27. Anemometer
measures wind speed

28. Sound meter
measures volume of sound
Decibel 10th

29. 3D compass
Commander Compass

30. Speedometer
Accurate and awesome interface

31. Accelerometer
Measures G-force
Accel Meter

32. Theodolite
Measures Altitude, latitude, longitude

33. Thermostat
Control the temperature of room
Total Connect Comfort

34. Home design
Full control and good control
Home Design 3D

35. Sketch pad
Sketchpad 3

36. Ruler

37. Protractor and Angle Computation
Very accurate measurement
Protractor 1st
Angle Meter

38. Kaleidoscope
Create your own Kaleidoscope Design

39. Unit and currency converter
Convert Any Unit

40. Earthquake warning signal
Get alerts and News about the quake
Earthquake Feed

41. Tsunami and flood signal
Early warning for users

42. Rain Radar
DOST Project Noah

43. Income Tax & Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
– Tax Mode

44. Project management and scheduling

45. Steel, concrete, sand estimator

46. Track budget

47. Universal remote control

48. Motion detector

49. Camera monitor

50. Coastal Watch

51. Dash cam
Auto-Guard Dash Cam

52. Police and road camera spotter

53. Motion Analyzer Zepp
– Tennis, baseball

54. Sleep talk recorder

55. Burglar Alarm

56. Heads up display (HUD)
Place in dashboard and see the reflection from your windshield
Speedometer + HUD

57. Job search

58. Bar code scanner

59. Dictionary & Thesaurus

60. Language tutor
Grammar, japanese, speaking, writing, listening and reading

61. Study lessons
Online courses for everyone (Some with certificates)

62. Animal and plant atlas

63. Sky orb

64. Internet Speed test

65. Amazon, Ebay and Rakuten

66. Pay bills thru pay pal and bank

67. Password vault

68. Picture and video vault

69. Incognito browser

70. Radio

71. Lyrics and Guitar chords
You can save your favorite song chords. A must-have app for Guitar Players.
Ultimate Guitar

72. Health records

73. Personal trainer
Abs, butt, running, track distance, calories, record time

74. Massager
i-vibe Massager

75. Vibrator

76. Medical reference and first aid

77. Diet meal planner

78. Sleep cycle alarm clock

79. Book flight, hotel and car

80. Travel and destination guide
Very helpful for travellers
Trip Advisors

81. Train station map
Can see actual location

82. Train fare computation
Will tell you lines and station for your travel destination

83. Plane, helicopter, heavy equipment, farming, Goat simulator

84. Fire place

85. Blow candle with fire

86. Razor
Transform your iPhone to Razor
Electric Razor

87. Face swap

88. Skate board

89. Pachinko and Slot machine

90. UFO Catcher and Coin Dozer

91. Aquarium

92. Gun
Fire and collect Guns
iGun Pro

93. Call Taxi

94. Order food

95. Online Gambling
Win real money

96. Create animation

97. Video visual effect

98. Slow motion video

99. Timer camera

100. Karaoke

101. The voice

102. Try different hairstyle and color

103. Dog trainer
Sound proof puppy training

104. Dog Whistler

105. Chat with stranger

106. Fake a message
SMS and SM

107. Vibration detector and reader

108. Flipclock

109. Spoken time

110. Coach board
For basketball, soccer & others. Simulate plays

111. Chat with Computer
Simsimi, ethan, samantha

112. Fart sound

113. Mosquito repellant

114. Relax sound deep sleep

115. Leave your voice on certain place
Recho (rhymes with Echo)


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