Viral: ‘The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him’ Short Story

Viral: ‘The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him’ Short Story

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The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him
Written by Mace Castilio

There was an arrow flying in the air, minding his own business, when he suddenly felt something heavy. To his surprise, there was a heart pierced through him.

“Where did you come from?” he asked.
But there was no reply.

He floated about, asking those along the way, “Have you lost your heart?”
But he couldn’t find the owner of this heart.

He decided to ignore the weight he was carrying by going back to doing what he was doing. He floated away carrying the weight of the heart.

As time passed, he felt the weight decrease. He was either getting used to the weight he was carrying or the heart was carrying itself. One day, the heart just slowly left the arrow. The arrow was glad because he was no longer carrying the heart that pierced through him. As he went about his way, he noticed that something was still weighing him down. The heart was no longer pierced through him, so he shouldn’t feel burdened at all. The arrow decided to move on and live life normally. But something was different.

He realized that he was no longer the same arrow before the heart pierced through him.

Something was missing, yet the arrow still flew about his way.

Until, he heard a familiar voice, “Have you lost your heart?”
It was from the heart that pierced through him.

The arrow didn’t reply, because he didn’t need to.

Hindi na niya kailangang sumagot dahil bagaman nawala, nasa harap na niya kasi ulit.

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